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Know The Law Before Installing A Shed in Daytona Beach, Florida

January 13, 2017

Keep Your Shed Legal in Daytona Beach, Florida

Sheds and EZ portable building in Daytona Beach, Florida A backyard storage shed in Daytona Beach Florida can be useful, for storing sports equipment, lawn and gardening tools, and much more. But, it's important to know about the laws, before putting a shed up. In some cities, a building permit is required to build a shed. Portable models may not require a permit. You will also want to know about any zoning laws or restrictions, to avoid facing stiff fines.

Every city is different, when it comes to the height and width of an outdoor structure. You will need to know if all sheds require a permit, or whether structures over a certain size require one. If you live outside the city limits, the laws may not apply. But, you should still check with the local zoning board or county officials, before putting up a storage shed in the Daytona Beach Florida area.

Another reason to check into a building permit, is the make sure the shed meets current Daytona Beach Florida regulations, with respect to size or dimensions. Some cities may not allow very large sheds. There may also be other legal codes involved, like the materials used to build the shed, the existing of a concrete pad, or whether the structure must be anchored a certain way. Ignoring the laws can result in heavy fines and having to remove the shed. You will then have to find someone in Daytona Beach Florida to haul the shed materials away, or face fines for violating health codes.

Stay Within the Law With Your Daytona Beach, Florida Shed

Cities like Daytona Beach Florida have size restrictions on the dimensions of a storage shed. Most people like to build as large as possible, to add storage for the future. Sometimes it's better to start with a bigger shed in Daytona Beach Florida, so you don't have to tear down and rebuild in the future.

Ignoring the laws in Daytona Beach, Florida, regarding the building or setting up of a backyard storage shed, can result in fines. It can also result in unhappy neighbors, especially if construction of the shed begins early in the morning or continues late at night. Always check with the Daytona Beach Florida zoning department, before buying lumber or looking at shed models.

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